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Monday, March 31, 2008

The second week of Spring Break

We had lots more fun last week.  We spent Easter morning with the Ray family.  Gio, Millie, and Shannon had tons of Easter Morning fun looking for baskets and eggs.  That crazy Easter Bunny hides those baskets in the silliest places.  

We also are so excited that the Gecks are back in town!  Danielle and Tony had a party at my Mom's house to celebrate A.J.'s 2nd birthday.  Millie and Gio were so excited to spend time with their cousins.  They also were very helpful when it came to opening and playing with the birthday presents.  Gio was really excited that A.J. received so many "Cars" themed gifts!  Millie just wanted to hold Kayla. And give her kisses...

Our final family adventure involved an afternoon at the park.  We ventured out on Saturday morning with our sights set on the butterflies at the Wild Animal Park.  We always go to the Park on our days off, Tuesday or Wednesday.  We forgot that it is a wildly famous tourist attraction that happens to be less than five minutes from our house and that a Saturday during beautiful weather and butterflies was the worst idea ever!  So the parking lot was so packed that our plans quickly changed to the regular park instead.  Greg had lots of fun playing, so did the kids!  Greg tried to play catch with the kids, Millie was slightly interested but not so skilled.  Gio only ran away.  Hopefully Greg will have a catch partner someday...
Millie and I have to share our picture with everyone.  Carol bought us matching apron sets.  They include Easter themed, embroidered aprons and appropriately sized oven mitts and pot holders.  They are so cute.  We had to take a picture, Carol said.  Here it is!

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Johnson Family said...

This is a cute site Darla! I love all the pictures! Give you family hugs for me, I miss you guys!

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