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Monday, March 3, 2008

The beginning of our family

Greg and I married on July 13, 2002. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in 2004 we were given the best job of all. On December 22, 2004 we became the parents of a beautiful baby girl whom we named Miller Elizabeth. Her early birth was just the beginning of the adventures of our wonderful family.
In November of 2006 Gio became part of our little family! Millie is so glad to have a brother and our family felt complete.

We live near our parents and the kids have enjoyed having quality grandparent time. Our sisters Franki and Danielle have also been near, either in location or in spirit, throughout this time and our children are lucky to have their love.
We have been living and working at the San Pasqual Academy since 2004. This residential facility and school for foster teens has granted us the opportunity to extend our family. Millie and Gio have enjoyed many more "sisters". We have had many adventures and hopefully we will keep up on the ones to come...

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gRAMMA said...

Oh my, this is a great site, so great it makes me cry. No shocker since I do that frequnetly when I see these beautiful kids. Thanks for sharing, keep it up. I love and miss you all tons!!!

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