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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Family news

Hello friends! We want to share our good news with everyone. We had our adoption finalization today. After years of waiting and lots of paperwork, it is official... Gio is a Bailey! We are so excited. We celebrated with a whole day of fun.
Thank you to everyone who helped us through this process. Your support and love made it possible.
Here's to a happy life for the whole Bailey Family!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello again! Still here...

Greetings, friends and loved ones. We are pleased to announce to
you all that we are still alive. Apologies for the delay between posts,
but we had to survive the harsh Michigan winter. This proved
enough work without adding posts to the blog. Perhaps next winter
we will be better prepared to weather the storms.

A lot has happened since our last post in the beginning of December.
In the interest of getting everyone caught up, we will execute a Reader's
Digest version of the last six months.

Millie turned four during our Christmas break
and we had a party at Gramma's house.

We had Christmas at Gramma's.
Cold and snowy, but wonderful and relaxing.

Franki and Shannon came out for a visit. We all wish it
could have lasted so much longer. We sure miss those Rays.

Gio got a cool new haircut. It's like a shark!

Gio got glasses...and shark teeth.
Just ask him, he has 3,000 of them!

We have found a wonderful family of
friends who help Michigan feel like home.

The Easter bunny visited the Bailey kids.

Mim and AJ visited. Also too short, but such fun.

Greg's directed a play, Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music.
The play went really well and was a lot of fun.
Both Moms and Tony got to see it!

We got a barbecue! Yeah for Spring!

Millie attended Annie.
She was a good audience member.
She loved the "gown" she wore for the occasion.

Darla celebrated a birthday.

And Millie and Gio are both
finishing preschool for the year.

We are all doing really well. Greg is working at Wayne State
this summer coordinating a new GTA orientation. Darla is
loving her job at Kaufman Children's Center. Gio and Millie are
getting so big and so smart. Darla and Greg are looking forward to
taking a brief vacation to Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music Festival.
Millie and Gio will get to spend a lot of time with their Gramma this
summer. Thanks, Mom.
For more pictures, check out Darla's facebook page!

We are going to make a real effort to keep better track of this.
Here's hoping....

Stay tuned for really exciting news...

Love and Peace!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun in the Snow

We have continued to enjoy the snow this year. We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with Gramma and took a ton of pictures! We hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season as much as we are.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Please forgive us our Californian moments! We got our first snow fall and the kids were so excited. At the time of the pictures, it wasn't sticking yet. We had a cold night and a little more snow that stayed on the grass for half of Monday. I had to share the pictures.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Update

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since we posted, and we thought you would all be interested in the Bailey Family Fall 2008 Update. We have all been hard at work with our new responsibilities in our new lives.

Since the last time you heard from us, Darla has found a job. She is employed as a teaching assistant at Kaufman's Children Center. Kaufman's is a speech therapy center working with autistic children and children with speech disorders. Darla found the center online before we left California and working there was her goal long before the truck ever left SPA. It took them a while to realize what a catch they had in Darla, but now her employers are very happy they took her on. Darla has become the new rock star at her work and is very happy to be learning new things. She loves her new job!

Greg and the kids are all going to school everyday. Millie is attending school at the Child Development Lab and Wayne State University. Her teachers are Miss Toria and Mr. Chris. Her class is great. Her classroom is great. She is part of a diverse group of kids and has made a lot of friends. She brings home a large amount of art. If anyone is in need of a Miller Bailey original, she loves drawing and will gladly mail you something. Believe me, we have lots of art. We can spare a beautiful picture for you. Millie has also recently learned about the mail. She loves pen pals and writing letters, especially on the back of art projects (recycling).

Gio has been attending school at Niles School here in Troy and going to Kindercare during the hours before and after school, but this has proven both costly and time consuming, driving each of the kids to schools in different cities. We have secured a spot for Gio at the other school on the Wayne State campus, the Center for Early Childhood Education. We were planning on joining the school and paying for his care there, but we had the good fortune of getting into an open funded spot when a family moved away. Gio's new teacher is Miss Troutt. She is very nice. Having both kids at Wayne State while Greg is in class will be much better in case anything goes wrong.

Greg is doing well in his classes and has been working on an original play for his playwriting class and has found the experience of writing dramatic work extremely fulfilling. Greg will be directing a play in Wayne State's Studio Theatre next semester and is excited to start that project as well.

We have been spending a lot of time enjoying the changing of the seasons, something we have not experienced since leaving Greeley. Our kids have never seen the leave change or felt cold weather, so they have been learning a lot. We went with Greg's parents, Carol and Tony, to a farm called Klackle Orchards to get pumpkins and ended up spending the better part of the day there. They had all sorts of fun things for the kids to do with pony rides, a corn maze, apple picking, a petting zoo, an inflatible universe of fun, tricycle races, tractor rides, a llama, an elephant, and great food. So much fun! During this trip to Rockford, johnelway also met his new best friend, Rocket, Carol's new dalmation-looking non-dalmation.

On Halloween, Millie dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and Gio was a pumpkin. Their costumes were made by Lynn, our friends Laurel's mother, and they were fantastic. Lynn is awesome. We went Trick-or-Treating with Jesse and Laurel's three little girls Alana (4, a kitty), Jospehine (2, a ghost), and Charlotte (11 days, a newborn baby). We have more candy than we can manage (although we are certain to do our best).

We are also really excited about the election next week. We had a great opportunity to expose our children to bleeding-heart liberalism from a very young age when we took them both to a political rally in Detroit for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It was a great day (the first rally either of us had attended as well). The kids were thrilled to hear Obama speak and could not stop chanting "Yes We Can!" Greg tried to obtain a fake driver's license for Millie so that she could vote on Tuesday, but Darla would not let him, insisting no one would believe Millie is over 18. She might have a point.

We are looking forward to the holidays and will be spending a lot of time in Rockford during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm sure you will be getting an update from us soon. Until then...

The Baileys

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is this Greg's daughter, or WHAT???

I had to share these videos of Millie. She is singing Little Red Riding Hood's song from "Into the Woods". She gets most of the words right and it is so funny. I took the video on my phone so there are two short clips but I think it is worth listening to. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Michigan

Hello!  It has been a while since we got around to posting here as we have been adjusting to our new life in the Detroit Metro area.  We are happy to report that all of us our well and we are here in Michigan.  Getting out here was quite a family adventure.  We traveled to Michigan caravan style with Darla and Patti riding with the kids in the van, and Greg and Tony traveling in style in the Penske Truck. We spent several days in Denver visiting with friends and family.  It was so good to see everyone and to be in Colorado with our kids.  Millie has spent so little time there, and this is Gio's first trip.  Having them around Greg's family and our dear friends from UNC was a real treat.

Since arriving, we have been enjoying the vast size increase of our living quarters after living at San Pasqual for four years.  We are now living in a three story town house in Troy, Michigan.  Troy is a suburb about 15 miles north of Detroit.  Since moving in, we have found the increased living space, about 1600 square feet including the basement versus about 550 square feet at SPA, has made it easier to keep our things in order and have a clean house all the time.  For anyone who ever went into our last place, you know that was quite a challenge.  We have also enjoyed the ability to prepare three meals for the family every day in the full kitchen.  After four years of dealing with a kitchenette/living room, it is a big change.

Another aspect of our lives that to which we have had to adjust is the newest addition to our family, our Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, Johnelway.  We got him from the pet store within the first week of being here.  He was about twelve pounds when we got him five weeks ago at eight weeks old.  He is now a little over three months and has rocketed to over 27 pounds.  He's going to be a big boy.  He is a crazy ball of energy at times and has gotten into the habit of waking Greg up at 4:45 in the morning every day.  Johnelway is going to be entering puppy training classes shortly to help him and his people learn how to live together for the next 15 years or so.
Darla has been hard at work looking for a job, but was sad to learn that she does not have the skills needed to manage a Chuck E. Cheese's.  That was hard for her to deal with, but she is still fighting the good fight.  The job market is slim here in Detroit, but we are confident that she will get something good at any minute.

Greg starts school soon and has to go tomorrow to start the orientation process at Wayne State.  The first semester should really give Greg the chance to learn what life at WSU is going to be like for the next few years.  He will be directing a long one act, Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music by Lee Blessing, but it will not go up until late in the Spring, or as it is called in Detroit, the Winter Semester.  With his fellowship, Greg will not be teaching until next year, so that should also give him a little extra time to adjust to the new situation.
With Greg's school not yet under way and Darla still looking for a job, we have had the luxury of staying at home and getting to spend a lot of QT with the kids.  Millie and Gio are very excited to have their own bedrooms.  Millie loves it because she can easily keep her room neat and tidy.  Gio loves it because he has a place that he can keep looking the way our living room used to always look, like a tornado of toys and books ran through it.  We tried for the first few days to keep the room clean, but he loves to go in right after you spend ten minutes putting everything away and rip every book off the shelf and every toy making as much noise as it can.  Often, you have to find the floor from memory... and with a shovel.  We have resorted to heaping everything into piles off to the side so that we can traverse the mass of playthings and get to his bed and dresser. 
Millie has taken to staging plays everyday and casting the entire family, including Johnelway, into individual roles, and occasionally as entire groups.  Her favorite plays to put on are Peter Pan and Into the Woods.  In the latter, she is always Little Red Riding Hood, a bit of a surprise with her adoration of Cinderella under most usual circumstances, but in Peter Pan she varies from Peter to Wendy, assigning the roles of John, Captain Hook, and Peter Pan to Greg.  Gio is always Michael, Darla is usually Mrs. Darling, and, without fail, Johnelway is Nana.
We celebrated Gio's birthday by having huge party with everyone we know in the lower half of Michigan in attendance.  Our house proved plenty big enough, though, since Greg's mom and Aunt Mary didn't take up too much extra space.  Gio had a Cars birthday party with tiny cheeseburgers and french fries.  We got him a play workbench with a take apart car engine and a wood shop, every piece of which has been lost to the abyss of Gio's room.  He has since decided that he likes birthday parties and wants to be given presents nearly every day.
With all the free time, we have felt a bit like we are prematurely retired, and it has been nice, but the real world is beckoning just around the corner.  Our early retirement is coming to an end.  We will let you know how things are going when Greg and Gio start school, Millie enters day care for the first time ever, and Darla is gainfully employed.  Until then...

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